Asset Tracking / GPS

Our range of asset tracking devices allows companies to track vehicles, machinery, and other assets. The Ralcomm group carries tracking devices from top brands GeoTrac, Fleet Complete and MAXtrax GPS, all of which provide reliable, efficient tracking services.

Asset tracking systems provide protection, assurance, and peace of mind. They allow company owners, managers, and supervisors to track such properties as location, speed, and driving behaviour of vehicles. Tracking devices may also be used to:

  • Determine if the tracked item is currently open or unlocked
  • Check up on the status and safety of your company’s vehicles, equipment, and other assets
  • Allow you to supervise employees even when they’re working remotely
  • Dispatch jobs directly to your employees in remote locations, and receive notification back when the job is complete
  • Work for the specific needs of your business, with completely customizable interfaces
  • Pinpoint the location of your item. Place it on your shipping container, holiday trailer, motorbike or other asset, and check online to see its exact location

Your local Whitecourt Ralcomm, Wetaskiwin Ralcomm, and Drayton Valley Ralcomm locations will be able to talk to you about the options available for GPS, asset monitoring, and dispatch depending on your needs.

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