Two-way Radio

Two-way radios provide a simple and easy way to keep in touch at the press of a button, and an airtime-free instant communication alternative that is handy and affordable.

The Ralcomm Group carries a range of digital two-way radios from top brands such as Motorola, Kenwood and Icom. Digital technology allows for extra features, such as secure encryption, static reduction, and GPS functions. Digital two-way radios are far more reliable than traditional, analog models, but are still compatible with some analog technology.

We sell and rent repeaters, towers, hands-free adaptors, and other technology to enhance and extend the use of your two-way radios. Our repeaters can extend the range of your radios by up to 400 percent, providing a great alternative for corporate customers who need to communicate in areas where wireless coverage doesn't currently exist.

Ralcomm offers two-way radio units that are compliant with the Alberta First Responders Radio Communications System (AFRRCS). AFRRCS is a two-way radio network that improves communications among first responders from different agencies. Only certain units are authorized to be used on the AFRRCS network, and Ralcomm carries Motorola and Kenwood units on the permitted list.

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