Two-way radio repeaters increase the range of your two-way radios within a certain geographical area. One device, installed at a tower site, will multiply the range of a two-way radio many times over allowing you to keep in touch over longer distances.

We rent space on our own repeaters at various locations across Alberta. However, if our current repeater setup doesn't provide the coverage you need, our network of alliances allows us to load our customers on other repeaters to make sure you get great coverage in the remotest locations. You can rent a portable tower with your repeater to improve your reception and range even more.

We have a network of repeaters set up across Alberta with space available for rent. We accommodate companies of different sizes by providing both individual repeater rentals and shared repeater rentals.

The Ralcomm group provides portable tower rentals to help boost your repeater signal. Additionally, we provide repeaters and towers for sale for companies who would like to own their own hardware. Our experienced team can handle all installations and servicing of the repeaters and towers we have for sale and rent.

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