Wide Area Trunked Radio Network

Trunking permits a large number of users to share a relatively small number of communication paths – or trunks – and is used in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, forestry, emergency services, and construction.

Trunking offers faster system access, better channel efficiency, more user privacy and the flexibility to expand. A trunked system can expand along with your operation to accommodate a growing number of users and restructuring of talkgroups.

With a trunked radio system, there is no need to share a common RF channel, compete for air time, or monitor a channel in order to make a call. A trunked system is especially good for enhanced dispatching capabilities and user priority levels for system access. And it can be continuously upgraded with software.

Being able to get in touch with your workers quickly and efficiently can save you time and resources every day. You can redirect jobs, assign new work, get parts faster, give technical support, and shorten up response times.

The R1 Radio System (wide area trunking two-way radio system) now allows your company to contact workers over a very large portion of West Yellowhead, Woodlands areas, Drayton Valley, Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, and Nisku as easily and clearly as you can when they are right in your yard.

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