Point to Point

Point to point allows an Internet connection to be shared by a second location within a 3 km range. It works by beaming the Internet connection from its original location (e.g. your house) to a second location (e.g. your shop, barn, or guesthouse). This allows you to gain Internet access in separate locations without having to pay two separate Internet bills.

Point to point can be set up using your existing high speed Internet connection, or if you're not connected yet, we can provide and install the initial Internet connection.

Point to point connectivity does not require any unsightly or costly trench work, and there is no limit to the number of buildings that can be set up using point to point. The only thing that's required is an existing high-speed Internet connection and a line of sight to the building you want to equip.

The Ralcomm Group offers point to point services through Telus Optik Internet and TV.

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