TELUS Mobile Internet

Our Telus Mobile Internet services provide instant access to the web, no matter where you are. The Ralcomm Group provides many options to suit virtually any mobile Internet need.

Mobile Internet Key

Telus Mobile Internet Keys give you access to Internet service in any area with Telus cellular coverage. Simply plug the key into your USB port, and gain immediate access to high speed Internet. Please visit our Rate Plans page for monthly subscription rates.

Smart Hub

The TELUS Smart Hub provides Internet access and phone service to customers living outside of the cable or Optik Internet and TV service range.

The Smart Hub can support up to fifteen Wi-Fi enabled devices on its secure, 4G+ network. It also allows you to enjoy the landline experience without the need for fixed line connections.

To connect, just plug the Smart Hub into a power outlet in TELUS 4G+ coverage zone, insert an active SIM card and get instant voice and high speed data.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspots allow business to provide wireless, high-speed Internet services to their customers. The ability to connect to the Internet on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone shows customers that you value their business and will keep them coming back. Mobile hotspots can be used in almost any type of business, including coffee shops, hotels, and campgrounds.

We supply and install equipment necessary to bring high-speed Internet to your location-wherever that might be. Hotspots can be set up using an existing high-speed connection.

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