Xplornet High Speed Internet

Now offering LTE-25 - a plan that gives you up to 25 Mbps download speeds. So you can stream movies and TV shows, and download large documents quickly. All at an affordable price. Contact your local Ralcomm for more information.

Customers in small communities and rural areas don't always have access to mainstream Internet services. It can be tough to get reliable high speed Internet through major providers. At Ralcomm, we provide high speed Internet access to customers in the rural areas surrounding Wetaskiwin and Whitecourt through Xplornet's satellite and wireless services. We install all necessary hardware, provide Internet access, and provide support and repair services.

Xplornet high speed Internet operates at speeds high enough to stream videos or download large files uninterrupted. With the appropriate router setup, you can also connect more than one device to the Internet without slowing down the connection. Xplornet high speed Internet is available in a number of different package options, including plans with unlimited data.

For more information on our Xplornet high speed Internet services and coverage, please contact your nearest Ralcomm location.

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