Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete is a system that allows you to track vehicles, RVs, and other assets online. The system consists of a tracking device, which is installed on the the item you would like tracked, and an online tracking tool.

Fleet Complete can be used to track a number of properties, including location, movement, speed, door opening, and temperature. Fleet Complete helps you to safeguard your valuables against theft and unauthorized use.

Fleet Complete can be used to track a number of assets, including:

  • Personal and recreational vehicles
  • Mobile buildings
  • Farming equipment and machinery
  • Generators and other small pieces of equipment
  • Fleet Complete tracking devices are operable on both powered and non-powered items.

Fleet complete is available as a monthly subscription. Unlike many asset tracking services, Fleet Complete offers plans that are practical for individual customers who are using the service for personal, rather than commercial use.

For more information on our range of Fleet Complete products and rates, please visit your nearest Ralcomm location.

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