Cellular Boosters

In areas where cellular coverage is weak, cellular signal boosters create coverage by amplifying an existing signal. An in-car cellular booster works by installing an antenna that enhances outgoing signals as well as incoming ones. For customers who live or work in remote areas, or are vacationing in areas where the signal is weak, an in-car cellular booster is important in maintaining a reliable signal.

An in-car cellular booster reduces the number of dropped calls significantly. Having a strong cellular signal is crucial to your safety, especially in remote areas. Additionally, a cellular booster provides you with more reliable mobile data, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Cellular boosters can also be used in basement suites, campgrounds, and other areas where cellular signals are weak.

The Ralcomm Group provides cellular boosters as well as installation services. Please contact your nearest Ralcomm location to learn more about our cellular boosters.

In case you were wondering how a cellular (signal) booster works, here’s a short video that demonstrates the technology.

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