Two-way Radios

The two-way radios of today are much more technologically advanced than what most people would imagine. The Ralcomm Group carries a range of IP-based, digital two-way radios that allow users to communicate via voice or text, without having to go through a service provider. We carry two-way radios from top brands, including Motorola, Kenwood, and Vertex.

We provide both the hardware and installation of your two-way radio in cars, motorcycles, RVs, farming equipment, and other vehicles. Two-way radios are ideal for locations where there is limited cellular coverage, and eliminate the need for a costly mobile carrier.

In addition to the two-way radios we sell, we also have radio equipment available for rent. This is a great option for families that want to communicate between two vehicles or campsites during a vacation.

We also provide bluetooth adaptors for two-way radios, making them safe for use while driving.

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