The Health Safety and Environment Policy is intended to serve as an Environmental Health and Safety guide for all personnel who are required to follow these policies and procedures when working for Ralcomm Ltd. We are committed to conducting business safely and to continually improving our policies and practices for the future. The policies are designed to meet and/or exceed all Government regulations, and oil and gas recommended practices. No activity is more important than protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, contract operators and our customers. Our commitment is to provide protection and maintenance of the health and safety (physical, psychological, and social well- being) of our employees. It is our goal to minimize our workers’ exposure to the risks and hazards associated with our operation.


Management and Supervisors

  • Place the highest priority on the health and safety of the preservation and protection of the environment
  • Conduct our operations in a way that protects the safety and health of our employees, public and clients
  • Ensure of employees with regular and consistent job-related training
  • Require participation in our safety program from all levels and employees of Ralcomm Ltd.
  • Strive beyond compliance in our operations towards all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Investigate incidents to determine root of cause and share learning’s



  • Participate in safety training programs
  • Wear and use all personal protective equipment
  • Obey all safety rules; follow recommended safe work procedures, codes of practice, legislation and policies
  • Notify management and supervisors of hazards and any unsafe work
  • Refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist or are not competent to perform the job



  • Hold individuals answerable who choose not to perform their Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities.


Continuous Improvement

  • Regularly audit our health and safety program to recognize areas for future improvement
  • Take step to minimize, control and eliminate all identified hazards.
  • Maintain safety statistics to track and identify development opportunities
  • Monitor company carrier profile and driver documentation



  • Ensure all employees are aware of their right to refuse work if they establish their work to be unsafe
  • Notify employees of potential hazards on a continual basis
  • Perform regular safety meetings to discuss safety issues, concerns and opportunities with our employees.

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