Portable Towers

Portable Towers Rentals is a great resource and an effective way to ensure continuous communication at job sites (remote or otherwise) and events Portable towers are designed for quick deployment with a reduced footprint. The towers are able to support cellular enhancement, Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Video Monitoring. These towers can be implemented into any job site or event (locally or remotely) to provide a strong signal for cell phone connection or/and to provide internet solutions. Portable tower rentals has been crucial to supporting not only remote job sites but also local events and projects that require cellular and internet connectivity.

Cell Boosters

Cellular boosters are used to enhance cellular reception in areas where the signal is weak. They work by amplifying weak cellular signals, reducing the number of dropped calls. Boosters are useful in many different business setups, including remote worksites, basement offices, and company vehicles to name a few. Ralcomm Ltd. provides cellular boosters for sale or for rent. We provide all necessary equipment as well as installation. For more information please visit your local Ralcomm location or call us today!

Two-Way Radios

At Ralcomm we know the critical need of timely and responsive communications. 2-way radio systems is an important solution and almost always most reliable to ensure that you are always communicating efficiently. Ralcomm is a certified Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, Kenwood, Hytera and Icom with access to the most reliable communications systems for the safety of your team and those that you serve. We can help you choose a two-way radio system that won’t let you down, from a single site to province-wide coverage, our solutions give you the reliable communications you need to keep your team safe and efficient.

Wireless Modems

Do you have internet connection that you need to extend to areas where the signal does not reach, we offer different solutions for wireless modems that help bring the signal to all areas you need. Wether it's to a room upstairs or a shack across the well-site. Connect with us today to find the best solution that serves your needs.

Satellite Phones

Offering the industry’s best work alone safety solutions, work alone solutions help organizations comply with Canadian OHS Work Alone Legislation and fulfill their duty of care obligations to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of employees.If disaster struck how resilient would your organization be? Satellite communication networks can be relied on even when landline or cellular networks are down, making satellite voice and data solutions a keystone of any emergency back-up or disaster recovery plan. Ralcomm offers a range of satellite phones and plans to support any situation.

Tower Space

When you are trying to cover a wide range area for a trunking system, or get high-speed internet to your remote site, having the ability to Co-Locate at an already established and well situated communication tower will save you resources with Time, Cost and material. We also have access to a multiple Co-Location network through our vast network and partners in Alberta and BC

Looking for more?

At Ralcomm we believe the sky is the limit when it comes to the products and solutions we offer, we also have a vast network in the business, if there's a solution that you need, start by giving us a call and we will help you achieve what you are looking for.

MOTOTRBO™ CAPACITY MAX Capacity, Coverage and Control

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends innovation, your feedback and Motorola Solutions' extensive real-world experience to deliver a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution that’s perfect for your business. Supporting up to 250 sites with up to 3,000 users per site, it’s easy for you to grow and change your system as your needs evolve. The Capacity Max architecture is optimized for high performance, high efficiency and graceful scalability, enabling instant, reliable voice and data communications, better decision-making and seamless coordination across a single campus or a large-scale operation. Powerful management tools give you complete control over the system – all from a single console. Ralcomm is your trusted MOTOTRBO Capacity Max dealer!System designs,Sales & Rentals!

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