Two-Way Radios


Rugged design. Streamlined interfaces. Accelerated workflows. APX NEXT brings you unprecedented advancements in mission-critical voice and data, so you can focus on what matters most. In a world where communication technology is always evolving, one thing has remained constant: there is no substitute for voice. Ralcomm is a Motorola Solution Dealer, offering all solutions to keep your team safe and your communications efficient.


KENWOOD's professional two-way radio solution is designed to meet the highest demand of today's communications environment and to provide users with access to economical solutions. Ralcomm is a Kenwood authorized dealer serving the oil and gas, farming, and forestry industries.


Land Mobile
The land mobile communications industry is vast, covering everything from military and public safety radios to everyday business two-way equipment as you’d find in a retail store. Icom America’s land mobile division is it's youngest – and its largest. Icom is deeply committed to P25, the North American digital standard for public safety communications interoperability. Icom’s latest P25 radios now offer 7/800 MHz, P25 trunking, bringing more functionality to this growing product line.


Cost Effective Communication Solutions
The H-Series radios empower employees in security, education, customer service, and severe working environments with efficient and reliable communications. Ralcomm offers a list of Hytera 2-Way radio products.

Specialized Radio Services

Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) may be an analog or digital trunked two-way radio system, operated by a service in the VHF, 220, UHF, 700, 800 or 900 MHz bands. Some systems with advanced features are referred to as an Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR). A traditional SMR system consists of one or more base station transmitters, one or more antennas, and end-user radio equipment that usually consists of a mobile radio unit either provided by the end-user or obtained from the SMR operator for a fee. SMR end users may operate in either an "interconnected" mode or a "dispatch" mode. at Ralcomm we've designed and set up many systems for our clients to satisfy their needs.

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